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Our story

Building your brand is really about defending your promise. That's the reason Brandish Studio exists today. Our promise to you is to uncover the best of your brand and develop the best ways to communicate it to your audience.

How do we do this? We aren't afraid to ask the tough questions that will reveal the best of your brand. Why should someone care about your brand? What voice should you use to engage, motivate and inspire your customers to trust you? How does every touchpoint of your brand communicate your promise?

Founded in 2012 by Brent Bamberger, Brandish Studio is a creative agency determined to rid the world of bad design and, well, boring marketing. Our writers, designers, developers, photographers, videographers and partners are specialists in keeping this promise.

Our Team

Meet our amazing team members

With different skill sets, backgrounds and yes, even accents, the Brandish Studio team is engineered to amaze.

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Brent Bamberger
Brent uses strategery to automagically transform ugly, tired brands into amazing, sparkling uber-brands. Oh, and he loves buzzwords. Clearly.
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Simon Bucktrout
Creative Director
When Simon isn't out winning awards and awing clients with his art and graphic design prowess, he's all too happy to talk biking and coffee-making with you.

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Hana Mass
Photography / Social Media
From making tech products look sexy to coaxing dogs to smile for the camera, Hana is our brilliant photographer / videographer.

What our clients saying

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I love Brandish Studio!  Brent and his team have completely transformed my business.  I get calls and text messages from friends and clients telling me how clever my ads are.   I highly recommend Brandish Studio to anyone who is ready to grow their business to the next level!
Dianne Russell
Shannon Conner
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"Brent and his team are pros. They ask good questions, listen well and respond quickly with creative ideas and content to help you build your brand. We have been working with Brandish Studio for over three years and could not be more pleased."
Dianne Russell
Cody White
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"We hired Brandish Studio three years ago to help us renew our brand image and messaging.  The results have been better than expected - we have one of the best websites in our industry and a fresh new voice and look in our all external communications."
Margie Blake
Vince Ferrinho
Sensys Networks
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